West End Creative Learning

The West End Creative Learning team offer a wealth of opportunities within our West End venues, including but not limited to: bespoke workshops, outreach projects, performance, directing and technical courses and our Work in Theatre work experience course, which takes place twice a year.

The West End Creative Learning team is an entirely not for profit department, and through our work we strive to create opportunities for social and educational development, offering our venues as a valuable learning resource as well as enabling enjoyment and appreciation of the performing arts.

'I am one of the leading practitioners for ATG, the great thing about working with ATG is they are not afraid to actually talk to teachers in schools and ask ‘What is it you need?’ and then they respond to that. So they are creating bespoke tailored experiences for teachers and students which isn’t always happening in other educational departments. It’s great for the practitioners because it means they get to be creative and go ‘Okay so what are their needs, what can we do and what would be something that stretches them and me?"
Dominic Francis, August 2015

Not In London?

ATG Creative Learning also works to deliver opportunities in our venues across the country. These offerings include:
  • Bespoke workshops
  • Corporate training
  • Outreach projects and initiatives
  • Performance, directing and technical courses
  • Theatre tours
  • Work Experience and theatre industry insight events
  • Production resources
  • Pre and post show Q&As
To find out more about what your local Creative Learning team are delivering and to get involved, please visit our ATG Creative Learning website.